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Realistic Apothecary Bottle with Coconut Oil - Vector - Imagibazaar

Realistic Apothecary Bottle with Coconut Oil - Vector

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The health and cosmetic benefits of coconut oil are too numerous to include in this description alone, but if you're one of the proprietors who has picked up on this trend, then this graphic could be perfect for you. Being that this is a vector graphic, it is infinitely scalable, fully editable, and does not carry the same imperfections as a photograph. If you're not selling coconut oil, this bottle can easily be edited to reflect another product... it's as simple as changing the color of the liquid.

This vector graphic is in EPS Illustrator 10 format, which is compatible with most versions of Adobe Illustrator. Additional formats can be provided upon request. Let us know if you have any additional questions, enjoy!

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