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Want to sell your graphics through Imagibazaar, well here is your chance. We're currently developing our merchant center and accruing a list of talented artists and designers to assist in our mission of making the creative process as easy as possible for entrepreneurs and startups. Are you a great Vector Artist, Photoshop expert, Illustrator, Writer, or 3D Artist? If so, then we want to see your work. Submit your name, email, and a link to your portfolio below and we'll be in touch very soon!

Benefits of Selling on Imagibazaar 

1. Our Sellers are Highly Curated 

Other stock graphic and freelancing sites have hundreds, if not thousands of creatives all competeing for a minute number of customers. These companies lure you in with the promise of work, and then simply dump you into their pool of designers, leaving you to fend for yourself. Imagibazaar is different, we are highly selective regarding who we bring onto the marketplace. We aim to not have designers with competing skills, but rather a collective of creatives whose skills complement each other.

The main advantage of having such a small marketplace is that we will be able to dedicate time and marketing efforts to each and every one of our sellers. While you're doing what you do best, we'll be promoting your creations all across the internet and all around the world. We'll mention you and your work by name, making it a great way for you to gain exposure in the creative industry. This way, you can wake up in the morning, and just worry about being an artist.

2. We Fill a Niche

Some design firms offer stock graphics, some offer custom designs. At Imagibazaar we offer both, as well as customizable stock graphics. Since Imagibazaar is dedicated to making the creative process as smooth as possible for entrepreneurs and startups, we have built our store in a way that frames design work as a tangible product. Customers can browse our stock library, choose what they want, request edits, and then get back to building their business.

As a seller, you will be asked to remain available after submitting your designs, in case a customer requests minor edits. That may sound like an inconvenience, but the reality is that it yields more benefits than it does hassles. Your stock graphics will carry more resale value, since each and every one can be slightly different in accordance with the customer's changes. Furthermore, requests for edits carry their own additional fee, thus putting more money in your pocket. Lastly, these exchanges will help you to develop stronger relationships with clients, and in all likelihood, lead to repeat work.

3. Non-exclsuive 

We're not looking to tie you down, and we know that as the talented designer you are, you'll have creative opportunities all across the web. So, you can sell any of your graphics on other marketplaces and sites. We just ask that you not sell graphic assets on Imagibazaar that are exclusive to another site. We'd rather not have any angry lawyers knocking on our door.

4. Maintain Your Brand

While you will be selling on the Imagibazaar marketplace, you will still be able to promote your personal identity as an artist and designer. Think of it as a collaboration. You profit from sale, and accrue exposure in the industry, while helping Imagibazaar to deliver creative assets to entrepreneurs and business owners in the most efficient way possible.

Sound Interesting?

We're aiming to unveil the marketplace in December 2016, so be sure to apply now and reserve your spot. As mentioned above, we will be extremely selective with our first round of applicants, as we are looking to provide customers with the most unique and eye-catching designs the creative community has to offer. If you have an awesome body of work combined with strong entrepreneurial ambition, then we'll definitely be in touch. If you are selected, we'll let you know and then send you updates and instructions for preparation leading up to the opening of the marketplace. Help us transform Imagibazaar from an oasis for imagination into a bountiful desert for creativity. 

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Requirements for Imagibazaar Genies

1. Files Must Be Sold on a Royalty-Free Basis

For the convenience of our customers, we ask that all design work sold through the Imagibazaar marketplace be made royalty-free. We at Imagibazaar have thought this through carefully, and while we recognize the benefits of standard and extended licenses, we believe that the allure of royalty-free graphics resonates in a bigger way with our audience. As mentioned in subsection 2 of the previous section, the fact that we offer customization provides an automatic resale value, and acts as a catalyst for repeat work. We also allow our sellers to set their own prices, allowing you to determine the value of your work, as well as your profit per sale.

2. Organization and English Proficiency 

As part of our mission to make the creative process as easy as possible for the customer, we ask that you label your folders, layers, and groupings in a logical way that is easy to understand. We all know the nightmare of diving into somebody else's Photoshop file, and embarking on a horrendously tedious treasure hunt in search of a specific layer. So, let's be good people and provide our customers with files that are easy to navigate.

Speaking of layers, we also ask that all labels be spell-checked and written in English.

3. Source Files

Obviously, you will be required to provide the customer with source files, but we also ask that you provide us with your source files as well. This way, if a customer requests edits and you cannot be reached, be will have the file on hand and will be able to make the edits without any inconvenience to the customer.

Note: If you do not make the edits to your files, you will not receive the additional profit associated with customer edits. Additional, if you are repeatedly unavailable for edits, your store, and your work, will be removed from the Imagibazaar marketplace.

As for file format, we request that you provide the customer with a ZIP folder with the following files. 

Vector Files: EPS Illustrator 10, Creative Cloud (Or latest version you have), PDF (editable), and JPEGs.

PSD Templates: Photoshop file, JPEGs, PNGs. If your template has multiple assets, we ask that your provide the, on art boards in a single Photoshop file, not separate Photoshop files.

Photography: TIFF and JPEG. If you manipulated the image in Photoshop, you will be asked to provide the PSD as well.



You will receive your earned payments at the end of each business week via PayPal. For each sale you make, Imagibazaar will receive 20% of the after-tax total, for our upkeep costs. That still leaves you with the remaining 80%, a nice chunk of change, especially since you can set your prices however you please.


As mentioned above, you have total control in regards to setting prices for your work. Only you know the hours that went into producing the final product.


Imagibazaar will occasionally run contests, discounts, and other promotions to spread our brand awareness and increase sales. However, if your product is sold under the terms of a special promotion, you will be reimbursed for the full price.

Advertising and Marketing

As mentioned above, Imagibazaar will market and advertise your artwork at no charge. This includes featuring your work on our homepage, Instagram account, Facebook page, Twitter, and through our email campaigns. We will also be publishing an annual look-book that will be circulated through the creative industry and will be put in front of key decision makers. When featuring your work, Imagibazaar will always give you full credit, by name, for your work. We will also link to your Imagibazaar seller page. 

Customer Service

The Imagibazaar staff will do their best to field all customer service inquiries. If you use a unique organizational system, or a function that may not be immediately obvious to the average Adobe Software user, we ask that you make a post on our FAQ page to proactively address any problems that may arise in relation to said function.

Additional Information

The relationship between Imagibazaar and sellers on the marketplace is strictly collaborative. Sellers are not employees of Anchor Point Collective, LLC (Imagibazaar) and instead, will be conducting themselves as independent contractors or incorporated businesses (if applicable).